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New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is observed on January 1, the first day of the year. Most countries now using the Gregorian calendar as their de facto calendar, New Year’s Day is probably the most celebrated public holiday, often observed with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts in each time zone. Other global New Year’s Day traditions include making New Year’s resolutions and calling one’s friends and family.

“New Year’s Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. Only dreams give birth to change.”

~Sarah Ban Breathnach — a best-selling author of 13 books, philanthropist and public speaker.

I love the words of Sarah.  They portray a wonderful fresh start to the new year.

New Year's DayNew Years is definitely the time for dreaming and self-discovery — planning and making goals.  Notice, I did not say resolutions!

Making plans towards goals is much more effective than making a resolution that you end up breaking before the year is up.

One of the plans my husband and I are making this year is to get back to eating more healthy in 2018.  Somewhere along the way, we lost track of that and are now setting up a plan to follow to help us during the year.

How about you?  What plans and goals do you have for the new year?

I want to close this section with one last motivational quote:

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”

~Melody Beattie — an American author of self-help books on codependent relationships.